Changing The World, One ‘Click’ At A Time?

Can the click of a mouse or tap of a screen change the world? That’s precisely the question I ask and the way in which I begin the embedded video that you can watch below. The question is posed to provoke thought on the issue of online activism and how the Internet has changed the way in which we approach and react to social and political issues. To find out my thoughts on the subject please watch the video. In this part of my blog I want to discuss and reflect on what I discovered whilst embarking on this project.


First things first, I am very much an amateur in video production! I have composed one video previously, and it was limited by the media I had to work with and the context in which it was created for. This video was to be a different beast altogether, at least that’s what I had hoped…



The first step in creating the video was to undertake some research and come up with a script that would allow the film to tell a story in a way that would flow well on camera. I discovered pretty quickly that trying to cover my topic in great detail was going to be challenging, if not impossible, given the seven minute restriction on the length of the video (could stretch it to eight minutes if required, which is exactly what I did!). There is so much scholarship available on digital and online activism and I often found myself reading beyond what was required, only to snap myself back to the task at hand when I realised I was doing it.



What can I say; the fact that my camera is still in one piece is nothing short of a miracle! The frustration I endured during this stage of the project is beyond words. Where to film? Where to position the camera? Is the lighting ok? Take after take when stuffing up the final word of the section! And don’t even get me started on the sound of my own voice, although I did get used to it soon enough. I discovered the difference between my imagination and capabilities was far too great and in the end I had to settle for something simple and achievable.



This is where the ‘magic’ happens! Ok in truth I wouldn’t really call it magic (not this time anyway), but I enjoyed this part of the project nonetheless. One thing I can say though is that it’s the most time consuming and at times tedious part of the project. I also found that I could ‘tweak’ the video forever and still never be completely satisfied with it, but I think that’s normal. I had initially planned on producing the video with Adobe Premiere Pro, but after some ‘technical’ issues (not with the program) I had no choice but to use iMovie instead. I have used it before and find it very user friendly and uncomplicated.


Final product

Looking back I have to say it’s not the creative masterpiece I had pictured in my head in the lead up to the project, but I’m certainly happy with what I have produced. I know the more I produce videos, the more comfortable, efficient and competent I will become. I’ve learnt a lot, both in the research for the project and the video making process. As a whole the experience has been an enjoyable one, and I look forward to seeing what I come up with in the future.


Until next time, keep moving forward!

N. Hayes



My Broader Online Activity And Engagement

The last time I discussed my broader online activity and engagement, it was about my realisation of the benefits of being active online and building an online identity. Since then my online activity and engagement for the most part has improved tremendously.

(Check the below post out on Twitter to see the conversation that followed)


(Sharing great content produced by others)


I still believe I have a long way to go, but maintaining an online presence, engaging with others (including people I’ve never met before), and overall contributing more to the online community is something that feels a little more natural now. I might even go so far as to say I enjoy it!



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